How to Sell? What tactics you should apply ?

Author: admin Category: Digital Marketing Date posted: July 11, 2018

Sell….. Wohh What is Selling? Sell is just a small word but when it comes to sell your product or service or define a sales strategy, everyone might get intimidate for a while. No matter how much they know about sales. As sales is not just a one time investment. We have to churn our

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Do you own a Travel Agency? Know how Technology can help you to run your Business

Author: admin Category: Travel Business Solution Date posted: July 9, 2018

Now a days, it is just next to impossible to run any Business effectively without using Technology. Specially it is quite hard and hectic to run such a big business like Travel Business manually. We can say that Technology is empowering everything. Travelers are looking for more online and reliable options now a days. They

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Online Presence: How to Digitize a Business?

Author: admin Category: Digital Marketing Date posted: July 6, 2018

This is the “Digital Era” and I think we all know this very well. But the thing which some of us might not knowing is “How to Digitize a Business and make an impactful online presence?” Each and every day, each and every year has brought some new changes, trends and idea. To be connected

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Project Failure : A Boss should know how to handle critical situation and project failure

Author: admin Category: Employee Management Date posted: July 5, 2018

“Work like a Boss” is very known phrase and it sounds like a pro. But do you know how difficult it is to be a Boss? If NOT then you should read this and if YES then this article will definitely add something to your knowledge. Let me share something out of this topic: (Hope

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