CakePHP offers advanced and comprehensive technology to create prolific portals and web applications”  If you are looking for a CakePHP Developer London we offer wide range of services

CakePHP Developer London

Searching for a web development company that excels in offering advanced CakePHP development services? Then you should nowhere! W3Nuts offers a unique team of developers who are not only experienced in developing websites in CakePHP but are also well versed with the rapid development structural frameworks.

Why CakePHP?

CakePHP is regarded as an alternative to create some prolific portals or web applications which is usually cost effective and pretty quick. Some of the features which makes this a hot favourite are:
  1. Flawless functionalities and attributes for integrating a wide array of features
  2. Offers the option to follow Vie, Model as well as a number of architectural setups
  3. Facilitates deployment & maintenance of power packed features
  4. Easy compatibility with MVC or ORM design patterns
  5. Limited use of codes resulting in reduced development time
  6. Feature to set up sophisticated databases for development
  7. Flexible licensing patterns with active development community which is friendly as well
  8. Top notch features for MVC architecture, coding through Bake, templates, application scaffolding, etc.

Why Choose Cake PHP Framework from Multidots?

W3Nuts deploys easy to learn, code as well as read CakePHP frameworks that are compatible with HTML Forms, AJAX, Java Scripts, etc. As a part of CakePHP development services, our experts facilitate the customers to access flexing caching along with ACL modules. We adapt a smart localization process aided by smooth web development tools to offer comprehensive web development solutions for any industry. Highlights of our dedicated service for CakePHP include:
  • Smart Modules & Plug-ins integrated for social networking portals & e-commerce websites
  • Open source coding for Web 2.0, business portals, and jobs portals
  • Adopt Bespoke Web Development processes & tools to secure high quality web applications
  • Integrating CakePHP shopping cart & CMS development
  • Customization, integration, maintenance and upgradation.
Integration of extendible & applications to offer fast E-commerce growth
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