Elixir Development Company

At w3nuts we have dedicated team for Elixir Development. We have done successful project using Elixir as primary programming language.

What is Elixir programming language?

Elixir has been the language that would run on the Erlang VM. It would not be wrong to suggest that it encompasses all the advantages of being a mature and battle proven scheme. You could make use of present Erlang libraries without worrying about performance penalty. Moreover, Elixir has been known to add several particulars, with pipe operator being one of them.
Elixir has been known to incorporate a unique package management system known as macros. It has been a user-friendly tool offering Unicode handling.

What is the difference between Erlang and Elixir ?

When it comes to features, there is hardly any difference between Elixir and Erlang. What you could achieve in one could be achieved in the other. However, syntax has been the major difference. Elixir has been more realistic, offering a Ruby like syntax. It lays emphasis on productivity.

Platform Features of using Elixir

Fault-tolerance of Elixir:

You would not be able to deny the bitter truth that things might go astray while running in production. It could happen when you consider networks, file systems and third party resources. In order to cover those failures, Elixir caters supervisors that employ the means to start some part of the system, especially when things go wrong. Moreover, you could go back to known working state that would always work.

Scalability function in Elixir Development language :

All Elixir codes have been known to run in lightweight threads of execution, known as processes. These would be isolated and kept for exchanging information through messages. The lightweight feature of Elixir could handle various processes that have been running simultaneously in the machine. It would enable you to make use of resources for horizontal scaling along with vertical scaling.

Features of Elixir Development Language

Extensibility and DSLs:

Elixir is designed to let developers extend the language to specific domains for increasing their productivity.

Functional programming:

Elixir enables developers to write code that would be concise, quick and maintainable. Elixir would rely heavily on features to make sure the software has been working under anticipated limitations. Moreover, even when it is not, supervisors would have your back.

Where could you use Elixir as Development language

  • Elixir could be used in high-traffic systems
  • Clustered or distributed systems
  • Real time or server side push applications
  • Non-asynchronous systems
  • Large applications
  • High-availability systems having true zero-downtime
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