UK’s Latest Web Design Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss Out on

UK’s Latest Web Design Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss Out on

UK’s Latest Web Design Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss Out on


Latest Web Design Trends

Web design evolves extreamely quick. Creative, innovative web developer are constantly trying out new techniques and updating to the latest web design trends in some corner of the world. All these experiments, errors and evolutions keep making websiteWeb design industry evolving every other second!

That is what W3Nuts loves about working within such an extremely interesting and intriguing sector. Changing web design trends affect a lot of webmaster and blog owners around the world in different ways. Everyone likes to keep up to date with the current trends within their industry. Every website owners wants the best of designs for their website, unfortunatley, that may not be always possible.

Let us take a look at 5 most exiting things that are happening with web design trends in 2017.

  • Responsive Layout

The design of your website should be responsive to all types of digital media. In simple words, the layout of your website should support all devices, right from desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and phablets. The idea here is to have one single set of codes that is good enough for being responsive on different environment.
Cross-platform development again plays a key role here, so make sure that you don’t develop anything today on the outdated platforms, and by following obsolete programming standards.

  • Single Page Design

This trend basically is towards enhanced user experience. A user will only get frustrated if he has to open a new link to get every bit of information, only to realize he gets nothing more than two lines to read.
Splitting a single page horizontally into different content areas is a far cleverer concept to keep the customer focused on one particular thing.

  • Retina Support

This is probably the most recent development. There are quite a number of web designers who are working on developing website layouts for various retina devices.
This concept first surfaced up with Apple’s iPhone 4 and later the company passed it on to its other devices such as MacBooks and iPad.

  • Seamless Navigation

This is again a feature smart web designers include in their web design.
This helps the users with their navigation experiences. If a user is reading a long blog post, it can be very frustrating for him to scroll all the way up every time he wants to refer to a different link.
A fixed navigation helps the user in accessing the main links irrespective of how down or up the blog he has currently scrolled to.

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