Magento vs WooCommerce

W3Nuts has considerable experience and expertise in e commerce platforms. This article will compare WooCommerce and Magento. Both are open source platforms and are initially free for use. The 8 features that will be reviewed in this article are Price, Hosting, Features, ease of use, Security, scaling and themes.
As far as pricing goes, while initially free, there are hosting and adapting fees that are associated with both. While Magento is less expensive if used directly out of the box, should you require customizing the package, then the prices can add up quickly. WooCommerce will have lower costs associated with hosting and managing their plug ins we have found to be fairly easy to undertake and are generally less expensive. So, our conclusion is that WooCommerce is the winner for pricing.
When it comes to hosting, then WooCommerce is lighter on server load than it’s Magento counterpart. It is likely that a shared server will suit WooCommerce. However, Magento is likely to require it’s own dedicated server because of it’s complexity.
Magento has considerable more features than WooCommerce. This includes multi store and multi language capacity. It is possible to obtain similar features in WooCommerce, however, it plug ins and extensions will be required.
For easy of use, WooCommerce is definitely easier to use than Magento. While there is a steep learning curve in Magento, it’s power will help you in the long run. WooCommerce relies on intuitive drag and drop features.
For security, Magento as it is a purpose built for e-commerce, it has a robust platform. As it has few plug ins there is less security loop holes in Magento.
When considering scalability, Magento is by far the leader for e-commerce platforms. It can handle thousands and thousands of products. This makes Magento ideal for large retailers. We have found WooCommerce to work well for a few thousand products, however once you reach about 2 thousand it starts to get sluggish.
Magneto's themes are ready to go out of the box, however changing these can be difficult. Woo Commerce themes are easier to adapt and are often cheaper.
W3Nuts has considerable experience with e-commerce. We know both Magento and WooCommerce and have helped many clients with both platforms. If you have any questions about either of these platforms, please contact us and we are always happy to discuss you situation and offer you helpful advise.
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