SCRUM Quality

SCRUM has outstanding quality. However too often people are confused about what quality really is. Some may define quality as a fit for purpose complete project. However you define quality, any process should make people happy and that is what SCRUM delivers.
Quality is surpassing client’s expectations. Typically the project management triangle focuses on time, costs and quality. Quality too often is confused with standards. For example, some may believe that a Rolls Royce is a higher quality care than a ford escort and a Rolls Royce. These can’t really be compared because they are two different standard of cars. Most would say the Rolls Royce is a higher quality. However, if the client is a plumber, they might well want the ford, particularly if they can pocket the savings.
Through the incremental flexible approach of the SCRUM process, results are delivered quickly. The typically ‘Definition of Done’ (DoD) no longer applies to the rapidly changing business requirements in the fast pace ever evolving world of today. What we define as done at the beginning of the project is likely to look very different after a months of working on the project.
The SCRUM process makes everyone happy. Customers like the rapid return on their investment. Employees enjoy being a part of the decision making process and are reported to be more satisfied and more motivated with the SCRUM Process.
When using the Sprint feedback loops operations and development are of prime importance. This will reduce waste and time of re-work.
The best project management teams are using SCRUM because it delivers outstanding quality
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