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PHP is the most common language for web development. There are so many PHP developers that many have grouped together and put their work into a framework. These frameworks provide well proven code that has been tested and retested. Frameworks are robust. Developers use frameworks to help them with recurrent code. Each framework differs based on the learning curve, configuration; setup and community and efficiency. Some frameworks are much easier to learn than others. Some may be easy to learn, but difficult to configure and deploy. Then there is a case for efficiency which means the number of request it can handle per second (this varies from 50 to 800 requests per second). w3nuts has experience working in a wide range of frameworks. We will outline our view of some of the more commonly used frameworks below such as PHPcake, Zend, Yii, codeignitor, Kahona or Symphony to name a few. It must be stress that each of these have their advantages and we can talk you through the right one for you.
CakePHP is a free framework with considerable functionality. There are considerable amounts of design and is a robust framework. However CakePHP is not very efficient, handling about 70 request per second. It has a fairly steep learning curve. While our team can use this framework, it may not be suitable for someone who might want to take on ownership of the management own site.
Zend again is another free open source framework back up by Zend Technology. It is a MVC framework and supports email and databases. However, again this is shown to be not very effective handling about 50 request per second. Despite the fact that it is not super fast, this is perhaps the most popular PHP framework out. It is argued that the Zend framework may become obsolete in the not too distant future because of it's inabilty to hand sufficient request per second. Having said that, if you have a Zend site, w3nut can fully support and work with you to build great portals and web apps with Zend.
On paper, Yii is an awesome PHP framework. It's fast, handling over 100 request per second. It has a huge list of features, is easy to maintain and is secure against many cyber attacks such as cross site scripting. But it is not as widely used as it should be. This is mainly because it is one of the newer frameworks on the market. This is the framework of the future, that is why so many experts are so excited about t. We would recommend seriously considering this framework, allowing our developers to build web apps or websites in Yii.
CodeIgnitor is great. It is really fast (about 200 request per second) because of it's small footprint. They use libraries to solve common web based problems and has a huge community of over 20,000 members. If you want all your code well documented, you can't go wronge with CodeIgnitor. This MVC framework is an upcoming technology for developing your web apps.
Kahona's PHP framework is fast but fussy. Most of its documentation is out of date, has a steep learning curve and there is hardly much community support. In order to master or even get an understanding of this framework you are forced to read its source code (not fun, not easy). We found it especially beneficial for those who truly understand the root difference between and PHP version 4 and version 5. But then again, the version choice must be associated with the right version Kohana. When Kohana works, it works great. Getting it to work takes time and a great deal of effort.
The Symfony framework boosts the speed of maintenance and creating of different web applications. The prerequisites for Symfony are FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows or Mac OS, web server that has PHP and Linux.
Choosing a framework is a challenge. It can be driven by the market place. We have considerable experience working on existing client framework, so no matter what you have invested in, we are here to help. The three main issue to remember are the learning curve for those who build and maintain the site, the easy of installation as well as configuration issues. No matter what our clients have invested, an our team of expert web developers can handle it all at W3Nuts. Please contact us to tell us about your requirements. We can translate all your ideas into interactive web apps and professional-looking web designs.
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