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PHP is the most preferred language today for web development purposes. Over the last few years, PHP has taken over other popular web programming languages like Java and Python thanks to the flexibility offered by PHP. Most of the developers in the PHP community make use of different frameworks for their web development solutions. And, at W3Nuts, we let you choose the platform, and deliver custom web solutions that precisely suit your requirements.
Statistics show that CakePHP is the slowest amongst the PHP frameworks. Not only does it have a complicated feel to it, but it also is quite difficult to master. The validation methods and form generations are far more complicated compared to OOP. This is why many web developers find CakePHP rather uninspiring, but our developers at W3Nuts team are highly proficient in working with even such complex stuff.
This is perhaps the most popular PHP framework out there and one that creates maximum employment opportunities in the web development industry. Most experts and veterans feel that out of most of the frameworks Zend is going to become the dark horse and will live much longer. Most big businesses choose Zend over others, and we at W3Nuts, help you build great portals and web apps with Zend.
On paper, Yii is the best PHP framework in market, at least, that is what statistics suggest. The biggest advantage is the huge list of features that it offers along with extremely fast page loads. But it is not as widely used as it should be, mainly because it is one of the latest frameworks introduced by the makers of PHP. Experts also rank Yii high because it represents the frameworks that we would see in the coming generations. So, take advantage of this latest web technology, and allow our developers to build web apps or websites on Yii.
This one is again very popular thanks to the tons of features including fast page loads. But, what really makes it so popular with the developers is that it is very simple to learn and comprehend and thus has the biggest community to its name. Currently, in Codeigniter forums, there are more than 20,000 members, and it’d certainly be a good idea to use such an upcoming technology for developing your web apps.
This PHP framework is certainly not a favorite of many as most of its documentation is out of date, there are very few illustrations and there is hardly much community support. So in order to master or even get an understanding of this framework you are forced to read its source code, understand the root difference between and PHP version 4 and version 5 and then establish on which version Kohana is based upon.
This framework helps in boosting the speed of maintenance and creating of different web applications. The prerequisites for Symfony are FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows or Mac OS, web server that has PHP and Linux.
So, our team of expert web developers can handle it all at W3Nuts – just tell us your requirements, and we’ll translate all your ideas into interactive web apps and professional-looking web designs.
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