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CodeIgniter Web Development, an outstanding open source framework, transforms concepts of illustrative web applications”
With ever increasing popularity of PHP based web applications, the fight to rule the space has never been so challenging. However, an open source platform which has been and is giving a tough fight to most of the players, is Codeignitor. It is believed to be an outstanding open source framework having the ability of transforming the concepts of pioneering as well as illustrative web applications.

Why use CodeIgniter Web Development for your next web application?

This platform is widely popular for creating web applications such as blogs, brochures websites, etc. Be it the MVC architecture or the ability of designing interactive APIs, Codeignitor has been extremely handy. Some features which can make you chose this framework over the others include:
  1. Offers seamless & rapid development possibilities
  2. Easy to use and coupled with featured packed applications that are best suited for ecommerce environment
  3. Highly customizable makes it a favourite among developers as there are endless possibilities
  4. Promotes exceptional as well as performance centric solutions
  5. Comes with detailed and clear documentation
  6. Can be prioritized to zero configuration
  7. Freedom from any restrictive coding rules

Why select W3Nuts for your next Codeignitor web development project?

W3Nuts leads in providing high-quality as well as seamless web applications. Our company offers web applications which supports different tools as well as languages like HTML, PHP, JSON. XML, CSV, etc. Things that make us a good choice for making your application on Codeignitor are:
  • Optimized and business centric solutions that meets or even exceeds the goals of our clients
  • Our experts master in developing robust and scalable CMS using the framework
  • Use of advanced technologies & methodologies for delivering multi-purpose or user centric applications
  • Making applications on Codeignitor compatible with all operating systems
  • Complex customizations and integration services for custom development
  • Expertise in portal development, e-commerce, and application development
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