Kohana Web Development

Professional quality applications are best designed using the Kohana framework” Kohana, although a lesser known framework is among the best platforms that could be used for delivering professional quality applications. It has become a stable framework allowing developers in building complex web applications through leveraging rapid development architecture for intuitive and powerful applications. It is presently coming with organised cascading system which can be vouched by the developers delivering better results than some of the other PHP frameworks.

So what makes Kohana Web Development different?

At W3Nuts we make the great capacities of Kohana which includes the HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller, code profiling, validation, better encryption for a highly flexible system, etc. These features are quite suited for making applications which are light weight, easy to use, secured and several other important features. Some features which makes this framework different are:
  1. Fastest PHP platform as compared to other frameworks
  2. Comes clubbed with simple classes and objects with a built in library
  3. Application folder comes with high level of visibility
  4. Limited library making the application much faster and smoother
  5. Pretty simple to use with no requirement of installation, database or configuration

Why hire our Kohona Web Developers at W3Nuts?

Having an expert team that is dedicated to solve most of the needs in regards to PHP’s Framework, W3Nuts offers a specific set of Kohana services, it includes:
  • Web application development
  • Custom Theme development
  • Custom plugin development
  • Custom Module development
  • Maintenance and Support
We have created and recommend Kohona for the following industries:
  1. Social Media Portals
  2. Gaming Applications
  3. Marketing Websites
  4. Healthcare Organizations
  5. E-commerce portals
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