Laravel Development

Laravel is a classy & clean PHP web development framework suited for web artisans”
Laravel is a PHP based framework that can be used for creating amazing apps which are pretty easy to use and come with expressive syntx. Laravel application development is enjoyed by developers due to the design of the directory structures which are familiar with other popular PHP frameworks. It also allows creating several web apps with different specifications aimed to be of optimum ease.

What makes Laravel a choice for developers?

Speaking about the reasons why some developers would chose Laravel as their preferred framework include:
  1. Extensive and great documentation
  2. Inclusion of Laracasts
  3. Intuitive Syntax
  4. Practical Application Structures
  5. Out-of-the-box User Model
  6. Support to Packages and Products
  7. Artisan Code Generation

Why hire W3Nuts Laravel developers for your next project?

W3Nuts has been a part of a creating a number of Laravel based reliable custom web applications. Each of the Laravel developers we have are well equipped with different aspects of using this framework. Our developers specialize in creation of custom web applications which is reliable yet maintainable.  A few features which make our developers competent enough for your application development are:
  1. Ability of creating complex enterprise web apps
  2. Knowledge for using Laravel’s before and after route filters
  3. Equipped with all the ORM and Non-ORM database methods
  4. Knowledge to use the built-in methods to process files
  5. Expertise for Integration of 3rd party libraries or scripts
  6. Assistance to validate form data or uploaded files
  7. Safeguarding the application from injections
  8. Adherence to the coding guidelines and standards of Laravel
  9. Developing user friendly interfaces with clean codes and API’s
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