Ruby On Rails Web Development

Ruby on Rails is an astonishing framework for varied Web Technologies” Developing websites on Ruby on Rails offers an opportunity of creating some advanced websites with an easy to use framework. It is already a popular platform to be used at websites like Hulu, Square, Highrise, GitHub, Shopify, SoundCloud, etc. Moreover, it is a favorite for over hundreds of thousands of applications which have been releases since 2004.

So what makes Ruby a popular platform?

Ruby on Rails is an open source software that is free to use and has over 4,200 contributors. Some of its features which make it popular include:
  1. Option to create rich front-end interfaces with the use of HTML5, CSS3, CoffeeScript, Sass, Haml, etc.
  2. A large community of contributors and comprehensive documentation
  3. Pretty cost effective as compared to ASP or other platforms
  4. Offers tools and coding structures which can save both time and money
  5. Ruby on Rails Web Development follows conventions which make it easier for switching from one developer to the other if required
  6. Feature of plug-and-play allows to create own building blocks allowing to take elements from any application and be used on to another
Working Prototype can be up and running in a pretty quick time period.

What do we offer as a part of our ROR web development services?

W3Nuts has catered to over 100s of clients that have created applications on ROR. With an extensive team which is well aware with about the coding conventions of the framework, we can create some amazing looking applications for you. As a part of the service we offer:
  • Custom Web Portals & Community websites
  • Responsive designs by use of Twitter bootstrap
  • Content Management services
  • Support and Maintenance after development of ROR based websites
  • Migration to ROR from other platforms
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