Yii Development

Yii stands for Yes It Is, offers professional and secured framework for your online identity”
PHP offers a vast open source community where the possibilities seem to be endless. Taking advantage of the potential, Yii framework is among the new platforms which has been built with an USP of offering a professional as well as a secured medium to create great applications.

What is different in the Yii Web Development Framework?

There are some unique features that make Yii different to the developers and are dedicated to create exclusive applications which are largely focused to remain safe. Some of the features that make it handy for your needs include:
  1. Presence of Model-View design pattern
  2. Handles complex WSDL service specifications
  3. Ability to manage Web Service request handling
  4. Comes with in-built features of internationalization and localization that comprises of message translation, interface localization, time formatting, number formatting, etc.
  5. A unique layered caching scheme supporting data caching, fragment caching, page caching and dynamic caching.
  6. Codes generated by its components and the command line tools includes XHTML standards
  7. Compatibility to work with third-party codes such as Zend or Pear framework

Why should you be hiring our Yii Framework?

W3Nuts has a dedicated team who excel in complex coding structures using the PHP platform. Our Yii development services, the programmers are offered maximum control for customization of the projects besides staying within the feasible enterprise development guidelines. Our web development company has the experience of making 100s of such websites through the process of smooth testing and debugging. Some features which make us a preferred choice includes:
  1. Fast and Secured PHP Yii development
  2. Usage of comprehensive extension library
  3. Provision of highly detailed documentation
  4. AJAX enabled widgets integration in the Yii framework
  5. Complex customizations and integration of specific application requirements
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