WooCommerce Vs Shopify

E-commerce is simply buying or selling things on line.  There are many different platforms that are widely used for this purpose.  Some are free, some are paid.  This blog will look at the two wide spread platforms, WooCommerce which is free and Shopify that is a pay monthly platform.  Both works extremely well and there are pluses and minuses of each that are reviewed below.
WooCommerce is part of the Wordpress family.  It is an open source plugin and has a huge volume of options.  There are free and paid themes within WooCommerce.  As expected, the free environments have their limitations while those that are paid will have more advanced features.  Since WooCommerce is part of Wordpress, it has the plugin YOST that is very helpful for SEO.
While Wordpress is free, there are still charges for web domain names and hosting as well as SSL certificates (which is included in Shopify).  A major draw back, as with all Wordpress is the need for additional plugins.  If plugins are not kept up to date than there are potential security risks including the stealing of customer lists.  The major drawback with WooCommerce is the need for technical expertise in order to customize themes.
On the other hand, Shopify is really easy to use.  It can be set up in minutes and has nice free themes but again, additional expenses are needed for themes with more advanced features.  The monthly costs starts at $14/month but it is likely to increase to $30/month very quickly.  Also a good theme is also likely to cost about $60-125 per year.  It also has difficulty with SEO tags and not as easy as wordpress to set up blogs.
If you want to dance, you have to pay the band. There is no way around it.  Having said that, if you have time that you can spend on your site, and are willing to add a bit of additional technical support when needed, we would recommend using WooCommerce.
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