WordPress Glasgow

Glasgow has a thriving Wordpress Community.  There are meetup groups specifically for Wordpress but also for PHP and a Digital Media Group.  These WordPress or supportive groups meet regularly and enjoy a great deal of support.
The Wordpress Glasgow Meetup has about 200 member that meet in the town center.  During the meeting up there is no direct consultancy advise, however, those who attend are signposted to locations were they can get hands on practical Wordpress Advise.  These WordPress meetings last for a few hours when there are interesting presenters, clinics or a wide range of networking opportunities.  The WordPress Meetups are the 4th Tuesday of every month.
The PHP Meet up is also thriving with almost 300.  The sponsors provide free Domino Pizza and Beer for all who attend.  The atmosphere is always supportive and friendly.  Very welcoming to new people and has allowed our community project, community teams to present.  This groups meets the second Tuesday of every month and has great speakers that travel up and down the country giving excellent talks.
Finally, the most thriving of the digital meetups, with over 1300 members, is the digital media meetup.  While they have not met over the past few months, they are still organised and we hope to be able to attend one of their meetings in the near future.
W3Nuts is keen to meet everyone who is involved in the digital community in Glasgow.  We look forward to helping were we can and possible adding value to anyone who has any needs for customizing their Wordpress Sites.
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