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PHP Developer

Salary Up to Rs.25000
Location Rajkot
If you live and breathe web design and development, and would like to work within one of the most prestigious and fast-growing digital agencies, we’d love to hear from you! We’re currently on the lookout for a PHP Developer to join our growing team of web and digital marketing experts.

Development is at the heart of everything we do and it’s a service offering we’re proud of (we’re also very good at it!). We’d like somebody to come on board and work on projects alongside other members of the team. We want somebody at the very top of their game who loves what they do and will never settle for second best.

Required skills
  • Working knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Excellent understanding of and experience using PHP.
  • WordPress, WooCommerce and Laravel experience.
  • Experience developing eCommerce stores within Magento v1 and/or v2.
  • Expert attention to detail to ensure all code is thoroughly tested before deployment.
  • Brilliant time-management skills.
  • Great communication skills within meetings, phone calls and emails.
  • Outstanding team work.
  • Passion, motivation and drive.
  • Enthusiasm to seek out the latest technologies within the industry.
What we’ll give you
  • A highly competitive salary.
  • Enjoyable working environment working alongside industry experts.
  • Freedom to dictate your own role and future.
  • Open plan office sitting among the Directors.
  • Unrivaled company transparency.
  • Sh*t happens days.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • 12 Paid Leaves per year.
  • 10 Holidays per year.
  • Regular social events, team lunches and treats.
  • If you are into online gaming its place for you.
Recruitment agencies need not apply.

Why us?

We’re all about our staff – without them, we’re nothing. We’re after talent, motivation and drive. In return for your hard work, you’ll reap the rewards of working for an innovative, exciting and growing business.

Profit share

We expect a high level of dedication from our staff, but we think it’s unfair to expect that if only a select few reap the rewards of that commitment.

For that reason, we employ a generous profit share scheme for all staff. That’s right, no complicated bonus schemes with their conveniently unrealistic targets, just a generous slice of the profit every quarter.

When our business does well, you do too.

Competitive salary.

Our team are highly motivated and we make sure they’re looked after and their needs are listened to. We have development plans and bi-annual reviews catered to each team member to make sure they’re meeting their own performance and financial goals.

We will always strive to pay our team a generous salary.


In business, it’s easy to assume that having a fancy job title automatically gives people a monopoly on good ideas, but that’s rarely the case.

For that reason, we believe that every single member of staff deserves to be consulted on business decisions, and not only that, we expect our staff to challenge us to ensure that we can justify every decision we make.


We want to hire people who challenge us, who push our business forward and break boundaries for us and our clients. For this reason, our staff aren’t given set roles – just a title. We want you to mould your role into what you want it to be, and influence our business in the best way you can.

We also get it – you’ve got an important life outside of work, so we employ flexible working hours.

Apply for this position

Applications are now closed for this vacancy and we’re currently interviewing candidates. However, it might not be too late!

If you’d still like to apply, please email us at

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