CMS Wars – The perfect Content Management System – does it exist? WordPress Vs Drupal Vs Drupal

CMS Wars –  The perfect Content Management System – does it exist?  WordPress Vs Drupal Vs Drupal

CMS Wars – The perfect Content Management System – does it exist? WordPress Vs Drupal Vs Drupal


You’re all set to build your website. The only thing left to do is choosing the right CMS. Easier said than done, right? Well, as long as you know exactly what you’re looking for, we think it shouldn’t be too hard.

Each of the four major Content Management Systems have their own set of strengths and challenges that make them the ideal CMS for different types of websites. Read on to find out which is the best fit for your business.



Simple, elegant and beautiful

Primarily known as a blogger-friendly platform, WordPress has grown at a tremendous rate since inception. It comes equipped with a wide variety of templates and includes a host of WooCommerce plugins. It’s no surprise then that it’s used by nearly 27% of all the websites on the internet. With an array of customization options, it’s the easiest to use of all the four CMS software.

Simplicity does come at a cost though, as WordPress does not support as many plugins and themes as some of its counterparts on this list. However, with a minimal upkeep and little coding involved, WordPress ultimately puts the power of convenience right in your palm. Read More about WordPress Here


Content-driven yet flexible

Contrary to the woo-commerce design of WordPress, Joomla is more of an e-commerce friendly system with more than thousand templates in its kitty. Since its launch in 2005, Joomla has firmly established itself as a top tier software with millions of websites currently using this CMS.

One disadvantage Joomla displays when compared to WordPress is the slight shortage of templates and plugins, and also being a bit complex to operate. However, with some practice, it becomes easy enough. If your company website will have more content than usual and requires some structural flexibility, Joomla is your best bet. Read More about Joomla Here



Complex but powerful

If processing large amounts of data is key for your business, then Drupal is the answer. The Drupal CMS is an extremely versatile platform that is equipped with a massive library of templates and plugins and can manage vast amounts of high-quality data with minimal effort.

While Drupal is undoubtedly the most powerful CMS of the four mentioned here, it is also one of the most complex. Ergo, it requires a thorough understanding of code in order to fully harness its true power. Read More about Drupal Here


The Verdict

Expert opinions matter

The summarized overviews of the four CMS mentioned above are meant to give you a general understanding of each, and also help you narrow your choices. However, with so much happening on the backend of your website in terms of design and development, we strongly suggest you contact a digital agency that can understand your need thoroughly and recommend the appropriate CMS for your business.

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