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Why Us ?

The rising frequency of groundbreaking advances in technology has pretty much necessitated the implementation of multiple business models during a company’s lifespan. As a result, every organization is faced with a unique set of challenges and requirements during each stage of its progress. In order to cater to such dynamic and transitory changes, we have created a convenient and practical set of collaboration models to help new and established firms more effectively.

You can choose to work with us in any one of the four ways mentioned below

Project-based Collaboration

Project-based Collaboration

This model is ideally suited for those who have a fixed project brief prepared beforehand. In such cases, the various procedures, requirements, deliverables and the scope have been clearly defined at the start. Once the fixed rates and billing methods have been finalised, we begin working on the project. During the process, we provide phase-wise deliveries in a timely and efficient manner.

Hourly Collaboration

Hourly Collaboration

The hourly hire model is perfect for smaller to mid sized companies that are working on shorter projects. If you are looking for someone to fix a minor issue or deliver on a short deadline, you can hire any one of our brilliant developers as per your requirement. The advantage we offer you here is that, unlike other companies, we do not stipulate a minimum number of hours when hiring.

Part-time Collaboration

Part-time Collaboration

As the name suggests, we provide you with one of our best people on a part-time basis. Our developer will spend a minimum of 80 hours in a month working on the project of your choice. A key highlight to be noted here is that this model involves an expert from our team, which essentially means better quality work at a faster pace. This model is best suited for those who are working on a large project with several variables.

Full-time Collaboration

Full-time Collaboration

One of the more popular choices, the full-time model involves the hiring of one of our finest developers on a full-time basis where he will spend a minimum of 160 hours working on your project. In this model too, you will be liaising with one of our experts, ensuring a flawless workflow all around. With this method, you can facilitate maximum productivity using clear, direct and constant communication with our expert.

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