Project Failure : A Boss should know how to handle critical situation and project failure

Project Failure : A Boss should know how to handle critical situation and project failure

Project Failure : A Boss should know how to handle critical situation and project failure


“Work like a Boss” is very known phrase and it sounds like a pro. But do you know how difficult it is to be a Boss?

If NOT then you should read this and if YES then this article will definitely add something to your knowledge.

Let me share something out of this topic: (Hope after reading this your prospect towards your boss might change )

To be a boss means you will be criticized by people around you, by your employee and of course by your competitors. (This can be a case with more than 60% of Bosses)

Boss always needs to keep balance between clients, employees and each persons who directly or indirectly part of the business.

You always needs to spread positivity, inspire your employee no matter what is running insides you and blahblah….

Now come back to our topic;

Each and every organization have to pass through difficulties sometimes. But the real difficulty is How to deal with your employee once they reach to certain level?

So at the end you actually will have 2 critical situation to deal with.

First is any project failure and second is how to still remain calm and let your employee aware about their mistake without being rude.

This is the time when you truly try to avoid your bossism attitude and ask your employee about any loopholes of the system. But again your employee is only going to share anything if from beginning of their joining you encouraged them to share their view, listened them carefully and took any relevant actions when they were right. They will be transparent if they truly believe in you. Only you are responsible to earn this from your employees.

Now the case is what if because of any senior, responsible member of your team you are going to lose any project.

In this case, share your client’s thought with them and give them assurance that you are willing to lose money or client if that was not the mistake of your system and senior member.

Senior person of your organization will surely came to know that somehow his skill is lacking at some point. So he will start to figure it out and you might get solution to overcome from lose.

If somehow you still lose business, not to worry.

You truly gain trust of your employee and they will surely give better performance next time. So ultimately you are not in lose.

Now think what will be the case if you don’t put your efforts in this way and directly get hyper and start shouting on senior team. They might get serious for that particular project but chances are high that you lose a good and talented person of your team.

Don’t forget each and every single efforts of your employee that they put to run an organization successfully.

Always remember ”Losing is a part of the Business”.

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