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Rapid and continuing advances in technology are constantly changing the market dynamic from a business standpoint. From augmented reality to wearable devices, our crew of expert engineers toils round the clock to ensure that our clients stay relevant in today’s digital age.

w3nuts Services

Wearable App Development

Design Minimalistic and Ultramodern Apps for Wearable Devices using our Cutting-edge Wearable App Technologies

Prominently featured in consumer electronics such as smart watches and fitness trackers, wearable technology has a variety of commercial uses and includes applications that are found in advanced textiles, navigation systems, and healthcare.

AR Apps Development

Code Realistic and Visually Stunning Apps with our Niche and Innovative Augmented Reality App Development Services

Widely accepted as a technology that is revolutionizing the way apps are built in the modern era, the exalted prominence that Augmented Reality (AR) has gained is due to its inherent capabilities to seamlessly blend the real world with the virtual world.

Big Data Services

Harness the Power of Advanced Analytics for Large Volumes of Information with our Comprehensive Big Data Services

Big Data is essentially data sets that are so vast and multifaceted that traditional enterprise architecture is unable to store and process them. Consequently, there is a dire need for Big Data services such as storage, analysis, sharing, and transfer in order to realize the full potential of these information behemoths.

IOT – Internet of Things

Integrate your Smart Devices and Enhance Digital Connectivity with our Extensive Range of IoT Solutions

Essentially an ecosystem of physical devices, home appliances, cars, and similar such objects that can connect and transfer data with each other, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a digital network that enables a seamless integration of computer-based technologies into the physical world.

VR Apps Development

Create Futuristic and Authentic Simulated Experiences with our Cutting-Edge Virtual Reality App Development Services

A revolutionary technology that is gradually narrowing the gap between real and simulated worlds, Virtual Reality (VR) delivers an interactive user experience within a computer-generated environment, while incorporating a unique blend of sensory feedback that include audio,visual, and haptic.

Chatbot Development

Fortify your Digital Workforce and Boost Sales with our Personable and Intelligent Range of Custom Chat bots

Generally used by companies in dialog systems for activities such as information acquisition customer service, Chat bots are bundles of computer code that simulate a human being, conducting conversations via textual or auditory methods.

iBeacon App Development

Facilitate Convenient Transactions and Drive Business Growth with our Custom iBeacon App Development Solutions

A Bluetooth-enabled transmitting protocol build by Apple, iBeacon is a low-cost, low-energy and low-powered technology that allows smartphones, tablets and other devices to execute certain actions when they are close to an iBeacon device.

Progressive Web Apps

Deliver Seamless and Unified Customer Experiences across Multiple Devices with our Superior Progressive Web Apps

While in essence they are web applications that are basically regular websites, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are made primarily to give the user a native mobile application experience, while blending the features of modern browsers with the convenience of mobile devices.

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DLDK Wordpress

Don't Let Daddy Know is one of the worlds largest EDM festivals with editions in more than eighteen countries. Get your official tickets for #DLDK here!

Multiversity Wordpress

At Multiversity, our learner centric approach has led us to build bridges of learning to foster higher thinking of tomorrow's possibilities.

Juice brothers Wordpress

Free of additives, chemical herbicides and pesticides, because we don’t want them in our bodies and neither do you.

Body & Vitamin Wordpress

Developed by an experienced physician in collaboration with an Olympic athlete, Body & Vitamin offers unique and patented products with optimal benefits.


Key Features: HTML/CSS,WordPress 4.9.8


Key Features: HTML/CSS,Wordpress 4.9.7

Juice brothers

Key Features: HTML/CSS,woo-commerce,WordPress 4.9.8

Body & Vitamin

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